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February 19, 2024

Enhancing Customer Acquisition Strategies For Operators With Sports-inspired Free Games

Traditional advertising methods are facing an ever more challenging environment with diminishing attention spans and increasing competition. This leaves a situation where traditional ads are struggling to deliver a strong return on investment.

NE Group is leading the charge in meeting this challenge head on by delivering a solution, Free-to-Play (F2P) games. Titles from our F2P portfolio such as Pick 6, Match Predictor, Virtual Catch The Trend, and Penalty Shootout are ensuring NE Group is helping to optimise customer acquisition strategies

Maximising Audience

The power of F2P games rests within their accessibility. They instantly attract a wide range of players, from casual to passionate sports fans, significantly expanding the potential customer base. Providing seamless access to sports-inspired games means operators can position themselves in front of a vast potential user base.

Driving Engagement

Free games remove barriers to entry. Players can download and engage with these games without cost. This first interaction can quickly lead to longer play sessions, meaning users increase their time on an operator platform. NE Group uses its games library to leverage this greater user engagement to entertain but also effectively promote a brand.

Viral marketing

NE Group’s F2P portfolio offers more than just games; they act as organic marketing tools. Our games have easy-to-use social sharing features that let users invite friends or show off about achievements, turning each game into promotional applications. User-driven marketing is an excellent asset to bring new site traffic.

Data collection

F2P games work very well as rich data sources too. Insights into user behaviour, preferences, and demographics are hugely influential in shaping marketing approaches. Creating content to enhance the overall player experience is crucial for attracting and retaining customers.

Cross-promotion and SEO

These games don't just entertain; they also serve as platforms for cross-promotion. Players engaged with one game are likely to explore others, bolstering retention. Additionally, free games can significantly enhance your website's SEO. More users visiting to play games means higher organic traffic, improving your site's visibility in search engine rankings.


Engaging sports-inspired games provide operators with the unique ability to build a committed user base, increase revenues and all the same time amplifying the brand.

If you’re interested to discover how these games can optimise your customer acquisition strategy? Click HERE and experience these games first-hand!


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