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April 20, 2024

NE Group set to take centre stage at SiGMA Africa

On Tuesday 12th March the instrumental SiGMA Africa event kicks-off and NE Group will arrive in Cape Town on the back of several key moments for the business.

SiGMA Africa attracts leading industry figures and innovators in the space from all across the world. Over the three days in beautiful Cape Town, NE Group will be diving into the latest trends, sharing insight on what it takes to succeed in Africa and debating the merits of different approaches.

This will be the first time NE Group will be at an African-specific gathering since the launch of the ground-breaking WA. Africa collaboration - a joint-venture with WA. Technology. CEO Imran Bukhari will be on hand to talk through details of the project, a platform crafted to resonate with the African market’s unique needs.

WA. Africa is a testament to our commitment to omnichannel flexibility, harmonising mobile, retail, and online gaming experiences. Enhanced with AI-driven customisation and gamification features, and powered by a team deeply knowledgeable about the regional nuances, WA. Africa is engineered to deliver unparalleled gaming experiences.

NE Group is armed with a wealth of experience and an unrivalled track record in building platforms that not only meet but exceed market expectations. WA. Africa has been designed to captivate audiences, with versatile features that grow traffic, enhance player acquisition, engagement, and retention, and offer tailored experiences that players love.

The opening day in Cape Town is also notable for Imran Bukhari’s appearance on an important panel titled: "Entering in Africa: Navigating Size, Potential, and the Strategic Landscape for New Gaming Entrants and Investors." This session begins at 11.30am and promises invaluable learnings of what it takes to enter the African market successfully. Some of the themes include

  • Always place the customer first
  • Importance of having tech infrastructure with light-weight frontend first approach for creating personalised platform
  • Gamification and loyalty features to attract and retain users
  • Strength of sports-themed crash games
  • Empowering betting operators to scale rapidly and with confidence

If you’re planning on attending the event in Cape Town, please reach out today to book in a meeting HERE.

NE Group’s attendance and role at the event underscores the company’s dedication to innovation, excellence, and the future of gaming in Africa.

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April 20, 2024
April 20, 2024